Puppeteer’s Lament

            I dragged Lupin through the woods by his left talon, kicking up dirt in my wake. The sun cast its last light through the tree tops. The woods were quiet, save for the occasional bird call. His matching black top hat, beak, and tailcoat all spelled out ominous from the get-go, but I never … Continue reading Puppeteer’s Lament

“Look forward, beyond the sky, to find your purpose.”

            I watched the wind carry blades of grass through the air. My eyelids felt heavy. My vision became blurrier with each passing second. It was in those moments where I closed my eyes, I felt the cold soil against my naked back. I could hear every breath I took. The world alternated between dark … Continue reading “Look forward, beyond the sky, to find your purpose.”

Birdsong Part 5: First Flight

Part 1: The Flightless OnePart 2: Shadow of Palari IslandPart 3: The Midnight EyePart 4: Last Flight The wind howled, shaking the trees of Palari Island. Three figures stood beneath the pale light of the moon. The feathers on Mikkael’s wings danced in tandem with the leaves. In the distance, the sound of the ocean … Continue reading Birdsong Part 5: First Flight